Ernie ball guitar strings are considered to be the leader in the industry since its inception in 1960s and it is named after the founder of the company. The Ernie ball guitar strings have used a tough terminology in them and you should understand the features of these strings before purchasing them to be used in your guitar.


The three main categories of Ernie ball guitar strings are electric bass strings and slinky stainless steel strings. The first type are round wound strings that are made from nickel and are capable of producing brighter and more metallic sounds and you can feel the metal ridges with your fingers. The nickel produces a warmer tone but is softer on your hands when compared to stainless steel Ernie ball guitar strings. The electric bass strings are flat wound while the steels have round core. The electric bass strings have a smoother feel and can produce much darker and stronger tone.


The slinky stainless steel Ernie ball guitar strings are rough on your fingers and so some of you might not like them. Also the intensity and brightness of the strings are lost quite fast than other types. The regular model of Ernie ball guitar strings is nickel slinky strings which are loved my many musicians for their fairly smooth standards. But this does not suit the aggressive or pop style of music.


If you are particular about that deep and dark old school sound, then you certainly need electric bass Ernie ball guitar strings. These flat wound strings are available at an affordable price range and you may get them in different gauges to give you many options in tension. They are neither too tense and nor too floppy which have made them favorite of many guitarists.


The Ernie ball guitar strings are made of different types to suit different stringed instruments. This company has corned the market in recent years with their innovative attempts which was not undertaken by the larger companies. So they are able to beat others in their competition.


The Ernie ball guitar strings can be purchased both at the online stores and at the local musical stores. They come in small packing so that they do not get tangled easily. The bright and eye catching packaging has gained a good market for the product and this has taken a permanent place in the guitar string niche. Make use of this information to find the best one for your guitar.


Elixir guitar strings are the last resort of the guitarists who have run after the poor range of strings and got frustrated after the quality chase. Really they are the most pitiable people and ideal example of the old saying “pennywise and pound foolish”. Of course the Elixir guitar strings are a bit costlier but it is nothing when compared to the credibility, quality and performance of Elixir guitar strings. Take any kind of strings acoustic, electric, base, banjo or mandolin the ultimate choice of the well known people is Elixir and it offers a wide range of strings to select like light, medium and heavy. In the medium range, bronze with Nanoweb coating is the most preferred choice of the guitarists who love to play bright sound with elegant style. But the rough handlers may opt for some heavy string to make a reckless performance. For the beginner and smooth handlers, the medium is the best. It is up to you to select the range according to your tastes and needs.


Elixir guitar strings are the products of the reputed W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc., located at Newark, Delaware and having business all over the world. And they are the specialists in the products made up of fluoropolymers. Elixir strings is the one among the multiple product divisions of the company.


The polyweb coating is one of the reasons of the popularity of Elixir guitar strings as it helps smooth transition of fingers between the strings with reduced amount of effort and noise. The performance of any thing would slow down when it is unused and kept idle for a long time. But the story is different in case of Elixir guitar strings that its performance would never go down even after zero usage of more than six months. It is because of this polyweb coating, no maintenance such as periodic cleaning, lubricating is required even after a heavy rock performance and it is absolutely maintenance free. More over the sound performance is crystal clear and distinct compared to the products of its competitors. This is proved by a research conducted some years back among a group of five hundred guitarists and all they opined that they love using only the Elixir guitar strings for its quality, durability and high performance even though they cost a little more in price. So any professional player who uses Elixir guitar strings would never think of the other brands at any cost.