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A wireless microphone system works in a different way in comparison to other systems. As per the name a wireless microphone system works without the aid of wires and the confusion of cables and can be of great use when it comes to situations where cables and wires may cause disruptions for the operation. Usually, a wireless microphone system works with the aid of four components. These four components come together to create a wireless microphone system that will pick up sound and direct it to a PA system.


The main advantage of a wireless microphone system is the fact that it can be used just about anywhere without the need of being connected to a grounded electrical supply. Therefore, the first component of a typical wireless microphone system is the battery. The battery is the element that supplies power to the microphone system and thus can be positioned at just about any location without many restrictions. Whether it is an outdoor party, a concert at a park or even a beach wedding, a wireless microphone system can be easily set up with the aid of a good battery. The batter needs to be a 9 Volt type as this is the kind of batteries that are in use for most systems.


The next and probably most important component of a wireless microphone system is the sound pickup and transmission components. This is where the microphone comes in. Usually the microphone and the transmitter come attached together. This means that most microphones in use for these systems are wired to a transmitter. However, in some cases, it is possible to use wireless components as well. While the microphone picks up sound, the transmitter takes on the task of sending the collected sound signals tot eh receiver via electromagnetic, radio, UHF or VHF frequencies. Needless to be told, the receiver has to be compatible with the signal type to pick up the transmitted sound signals successfully. Wireless microphones are the ideal choice for these systems as there is a lot less fuss involved as it offers a great deal of freedom for the speaker to move about as pleased. However, it is advisable to acknowledge them to stay within range of the wireless receiver to ensure uninterrupted sound pick up.


The last component is the device that links the wireless microphone to the PA system. This is the device that receives the sound signals that is being transmitted by the transmitter and microphone. This is the final link of the wireless microphone system chain and it directly sends the collected sound data in to a PA system to be broadcasted. The process is instant and appears as the speaker is speaking with an amplified voice.