You will find many people scrolling one web page after the other when they want to find piano sheet music. But is it the best thing to do?


Many of us are under the impression that the best place to find piano sheet music is the internet. This line of thinking is good if you also know the best places to look for piano sheet music.


Out of the many websites on the internet, only a very few would provide full piano sheet music to be downloaded free of charge. Finding these websites on the internet is as difficult as mining diamonds in Africa.


The common strategy used by many website owners is to release part of piano sheet music, like half a page or one page, free of charge. Right then, you get the opportunity to experience the intro or the first few versus of a song or a piano piece and if you feel like what you play is the true and accurate then, you could purchase the remainder of the piano sheet music.


Although the latter is a good marketing strategy it is also good on you as a player because then you get to experience the true nature of the piano sheet music before purchasing. In addition to the piano, if you play other instruments like the guitar, you may want to look for sheet music that has both piano notations and guitar chords.


As you are already aware, different piano sheet music would start on different octaves and sometimes on different scales, altogether. Therefore, if you don’t do a little bit of research, you may not find which one is the best and the most accurate. So remember that obtaining piano sheet music is not as simple as browsing through the internet and clicking on the first search result that you see.


If there are friends that you can borrow piano sheet music from, you may go ahead with their notes. If not, you may take a risk and settle for piano sheet music you find on the internet.


One more thing to pay careful attention to in the web is to be careful about viruses and Trojans. If you find any website offering bulks of free piano sheet music, you may want to act cautious because these offers are usually coupled up with malware or spyware.


Further, you will find many websites that gets you to click on a URL and then obligate you to make a payment before showing you any piano sheet music. Unless otherwise you make online purchases through a well known and reputed piano sheet music website, it is a very bad idea to share your credit card information on the internet with anyone.