So your daddy bought you a little organ but you have no clue where to start off from? Well, the first place you should visit right now would be

Once you learn the basic theory behind western music notation, you will be able to progress through your playing while reading organ sheet music.


The first thing to know about organ sheet music is that some people will teach you the notations belonging to an octave and then present you with alphabetic notes that correspond to notations on a scrapbook. While it is easier and is possible to learn to play organ using alphabetic notations, it is thoroughly discouraged by every music teacher on earth.


Learning to play the organ is not a game. While it can be fun to play the organ, it is also important that you get the basics of music theory right. If you manage to get the basics of theory of music right, then you can be certain that you will gain the ability to read music notations, in raw form.


As far as organ sheet music is concerned, you should first practice sight reading exercises. Once you master the art of sight reading, you will be able to read music notations as accurately and as fast as you read English words. Once you accomplish this, the next step would be to practice little finger exercises and other melodies while sight reading organ sheet music.


When you can freely read organ sheet music and when you can conduct yourself on the keyboard with ease, it is only a matter of reading organ sheet music before you could start playing songs to feel like a performing star.

The rule of the thumb in learning any instrument is to practice until you drop and the same remains true when it comes to organ music.


It may be comforting for you to know that organ sheet music can be found easily. Usually, organ music tutors will share exercises and simple melodies with students while you will also be able to purchase student books from bookstores. As per organ sheet music for songs, you may be able to borrow from friends if not; you could simply visit an online store that allows you to download them off the website following a nominal fee.


All in all, it could be mentioned that playing the organ is not rocket science. You will simply need to read the notations until such time that you are able to look at organ sheet music, interpret it and reproduce on your keyboard to produce heavenly tunes.