Playing guitar and piano at church is one of the best ways in which an individual get to improve his or her skill at the instrument. However, not just anybody could do it. You need to be already good at playing an instrument if you are to embrace the opportunity of playing at the church.


Once you learn guitar or piano and acquire a certain level of confidence that you are able to perform at the church, the first thing you should be after is Gospel sheet music. Usually, the choir members and previous instrument players would have classic Gospel sheet music that has been used throughout every church service. So your choices are to either borrow Gospel sheet music or to find them on your own.


Since a significant amount of practice needs to go in to your playing, it is always best to find your own Gospel sheet music and practice at home before you attempt to perform at the church.


Although finding Gospel sheet music may sound like a daunting task, we all know that the internet is an ultimate resource when it comes to all sorts of sheet music. The downside is that you may be required to pay for the Gospel sheet music that you want to purchase. And even so, you may not know the accuracy of the sheet music that you purchased.


It goes without saying that shopping online is the fastest and the easiest ways to get around purchasing Gospel sheet music. However, it is also noteworthy to mention that many music websites on the internet sell sheet music composed by amateurs that may be either incomplete or completely wrong. Therefore, borrowing Gospel sheet music from someone that is already playing in the church would be the best thing for you.


If you are looking to play Gospel sheet music at home, in order to get to know the melodies or for your own enjoyment, you could then take a risk and settle for Gospel sheet music that can be found on the internet.


Trying out your own variations to Gospel sheet music is also a fun thing to do if you know what you are doing. Additionally, checking out second hand book stores to find old Gospel sheet music books is another way forward. At the end however; what matters is that you find proper Gospel sheet music and that you enjoy playing the same.