Collecting antique sheet music makes a great hobby for a person who is passionate about music. Apart antique sheet music being a hobby for a music lover, it’s also considered to be an investment. It brings a considerable amount of wealth if one were to possess antique sheet music. The era of 80s saw a large number of music sheets being released in the music industry. While the music industry was becoming popular, the drive for sheet music too started to grow.


If one were to browse for antique sheet music, you will find a variety of hits published. Antique sheet music was also popular due to the artwork. Antique sheet music also comes with unique artwork such as the faces of the personalities which were featured on covers. The basic idea behind antique sheet music is that more the popular the artist is, the more the value of antique sheet music.


Whilst most antique sheet music collectors are after the artwork as it stands as a piece of gallery, some are after the subject itself. You can purchase antique sheet music through auction sites such as EBay. You can get feedback from the sellers before purchasing the antique music sheets. You can also view the antique sheets before purchasing. This will prevent you from purchasing fake ones. You can also purchase antique sheet music from antique shops or from local collectors, this will save you from paying for delivery charges.


Apart from websites and local stores, even magazines such as Sheet Music magazine will give you some useful tips, places to buy and what to expect when it comes to purchasing antique music sheet. As mentioned above, there are various factors which contribute to the price of antique sheet music such as graphics, category, the composer, personalities or the stars. Although most antique music sheets are available in the market. The ones which are scarce are the original lithographs. It does not matter if it’s a reprint. As long as it’s a rare piece of work such as Beethoven’s and which case the price is really high. However in other cases, condition of antique sheet music does matter. A small stain or damage can be rejected by the buyer.


Besides the conditions of antique music sheet, the topics too will play an important role. Some topics are more in demand than other topics when it comes to collecting antique music sheet. The most popular topics are Black Americans, Old piano songs, antique music sheets related to automobiles, plans and trains too are said to fetch high value. Furthermore before purchasing an antique music sheet, you will find abbreviations related to the conditions being put up. Out of which M denotes Mint as New, E denotes Excellent to name a few.