If you are a total beginner to music theory, you may want to figure out the underlying dynamics and the apparent mystery of blank sheet music.


So first things first: the five lines and the four spaces contained within the five lines in a blank sheet music are known as a staff or a stave. Once you place either a treble clef or a bass clef sign on the staff, you specify which notes will be written on the staff of the blank sheet music.


So let’s start with the scenario of a treble cleft. If the sign present can be identified as the treble clef, the notations (from bottom to top) lying on the lines can be read out as E-G-B-D-F and similarly (from bottom to top order) the four spaces contained within the lines should be read as F-A-C-E where each line and space dedicatedly corresponds to a single notation.


On a blank sheet music if you can identify the bass clef on any given staff, the notes should be read out differently than on the treble clef. In here, the lines (again from bottom to top) will correspond to G-B-D-F-A notations while the spaces will correspond to A-C-E-G notations respectively.


The above is the great mystery of blank sheet music. Once you know how to read the notations, the mystery disappears and things written on sheet music become familiar and would make sense.


The most important thing for you to remember when you enter in to the realm of learning music is to know that understanding how to write on blank sheet music and understanding how to read and interpret music notations is at the core of priority.


So if you are thinking of pursuing music lessons for either piano, organ, guitar or any other instrument, it is best to equip yourself with a bundle of blank sheet music. You could also purchase bound books of blank sheet music known as manuscripts from bookstores. If not, you could simply browse the internet for downloadable blank sheet music that is free of charge.


If you manage to find free and downloadable blank sheet music, make sure that you check for the color of your print. Generally the lines within a staff should appear black or dark grey. It is the general practice not to use blank sheet music of any other particular color because the main focus should be on the notations contained in them, while you read and play music.


If you are a Beatles fan, like rest of the world, one of the first things you will want to do is to learn how to play some classic and ever famous Beatles songs on the instrument that you play. Although some people can play by the ear, it is best if you could get hold of Beatles sheet music so that you can follow the songs to every beat and note, accurately while you play it.


Finding Beatles sheet music however, isn’t an easy job. You may find that some websites give access to Beatles sheet music but the manuscript would be an abstract or a small part of the song or songs contained in them.


You may browse through websites that provide sheet music and get lucky with finding Beatles sheet music, but if you were to look for the originals, it would also come with a higher price tag attached to it.


Since Beatles music is known as legendary, nobody really tries to merge their own twist to Beatles songs. So that means, if you are unable to play by the ear, you may not have any other choice than purchasing it off the web.


If you are looking for cost effective ways of finding Beatles sheet music, you have little choice with it. One possibility is to ask a friend or two to lend their Beatles sheet music, if they have any. If not, you may refer to youtube video tutorials in which pianists and guitarists show you how to play the song without needing Beatles sheet music.


If you join music forums, especially those that focus on sheet music, you may come across kind hearted individuals who will be willing to share Beatles sheet music with you. But there is no guarantee if these would be the original covers for the songs.


When it comes to playing Beatles sheet music, you may want to find the original manuscripts in order to get the real touch and feel of the world of Beatles.


In general, there are two methods of playing Beatles sheet music. One is to find Beatles sheet music as cover for the songs and the other would be to find Beatles sheet music for the song itself where the treble cleft would indicate the vocal part of the song.