We all know for a fact that the drum set is the coolest musical instrument in a band. It is also considered as the heart of the band because without the drums, there will be no life in the music. Playing the drums may look easy but the fact is, it’s really harder than it seems.

If you don’t have any past experience in playing the drums, then you may find it very difficult to learn how to start playing this particular instrument. However, you will also find that learning how to play the drums is very cool and can be a lot of fun. Like any instrument you try playing, you need to practice a lot in order for you to get better at playing it. And, you shouldn’t give up.

When you do decide to practice on a day to day basis, you will start to see that playing the drums will be as easy as walking. In fact, you can even develop your playing skills to the point that you will be able to play your favorite songs with the drums by ear.

If you want to learn how to play the drums, the best way to start is by learning about the history of the instrument. You also need to find out about the different types of drums that exist today. The size of the drum set you use is also important for you to learn, as well as the different brands and different sticks being used by drummers today.

You also need to learn about the different types of drums. So, for starters, here are the most common drums that will likely end up in your drum set.

The first is the bass drum. This is the big drum that sits on the flower and offers the low pitched sound that goes boom when you hit it with a foot pedal.

You also have the tom-toms. In a drum set, it comes in a set of three. You have the floor tom, the medium tom, and the high tom. In any drum set, you will also find the cymbals. Basically, these are the metal round objects. In drum sets, you will find the crash, ride, splash, and the high hat.

You also have the snare drum, which you will usually find on a drum set. This particular drum is usually hit with the drummer’s non-dominant hand.

These are the basic things that you will see on a drum set. After learning about the different type of drums used in a drum kit, the next step is to learn how to properly hold the drum stick. Basically, you can hold it any way you can as long as you are comfortable. But, it is best to get some advice on how to hold the drum sticks as it can have a great impact on the way you play the drums.

You can start playing the drums with simple notes and try to coordinate your hands with your feet at the same time. This is the hard part in playing the drums and it will take time and practice for you to completely have coordination on your whole body when playing the drums.

You can enroll in classes, buy tapes, videos, and even access the internet to get lessons.

It is a fact that learning how to play the drums is very difficult especially when you get to the part where you need to coordinate your hands and feet. But, with time, practice and dedication, you will be able to play the drums like a pro.


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