Your kids have finally reached that age where they fantasize about becoming a rock star. And, to your luck, they decided that they want to become a drummer. Well, you really can’t blame them. Besides, there’s a chance that when you were their age, you also wanted to become a drummer yourself.

If you are planning to buy a drum set for your kid, then you have to remember that there are a few factors to consider. The process may take a little effort but if you do this, you will eventually buy the perfect drum set for your child.

The first thing you need to consider is the age of your young drummer. This is an important factor that you need to consider because drum sets vary in price and size. Obviously, when it comes to the size of the drum set, you need to buy one that is not too big or too small for your child. This is why you have to remember that children are different when it comes to their growth stages.

To find out if the drum set is perfect for your kids, try visiting a music store and see if they offer kids set. If they do, get your kids to sit on the drum seat and in position for playing the drums. Make sure that their feet can reach and comfortably kick the pedals for the hi-hat and the bass drum. The snare drum should be positioned at waist level in order for your kids to reach the rack and floor toms with the drum sticks easily.

If you need to purchase each piece in the drum set, you should consider getting your child a 12 to 14 inch diameter bass drum if they are 3 to 7 years old. But if they are already 8 to 12 years old, you can get them a 16 inch diameter bass drum.

After you determine the right bass drum for your young drummer, you need to keep in mind that the rest of the drums should be in relative proportion to the bass drum. The basic drum set up will have 5 pieces. It will have a bass drum, a snare drum, a floor tom, and two mounted toms. The cymbals will have to be purchased separately and the basic setup should have the crash, the ride, and the hi-hat along with the other hardware, such as the pedals for the hi-hat and bass drum, the cymbal stands, and the drum seat.

The price of kids drum sets will vary from one manufacturer to another. Usually, they will range from a hundred dollars to 300 dollars. You can purchase the kits online but it is highly recommended that you purchase them at your local music store in order for your kids to try them out before you actually buy them.

However, buying online will allow you to have more selection choices which will also give you access to huge savings and great deals.

These are the things that you need to remember whenever you are planning to purchase a drum set for your kids. Always remember that you need to consider the age of your kids in relation to the type of drum set you buy.


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If you want to learn how to play drums, then you have to remember that there are things that you need to consider. For starters, you need to keep in mind that playing the drums can produce a lot of noise. What if you live in a house where your neighbor’s house is close to your home? What if you live in an apartment?

Unless you want to get fined and get a ticket for disturbing the peace from the local police, or get evicted from your apartment, you will eventually decide to stop playing the drums, especially during the night, which is basically the only time that most people have for themselves and for their hobbies.

In fact, some people who have real talent in playing the drums get discouraged because of this reason. This is why you have to know about how you can play the drums silently or at least play it without disturbing the neighbors or the people living with you inside your house or apartment.

So, just how can you practice playing the drums in your house or apartment without producing too much noise? And, how can you do it without sacrificing the natural feel when playing the drums?

One answer would be using drum pad silencers. Made out of a rubber-like material, drum pad silencers are placed on top of the drums and cymbals to absorb the sound of the drums and cymbals when you hit it with the drum stick.

You can still hit the drums hard like you would when you play the drums without the drum pad silencers but it will still be a lot quieter. In fact, the person inside the next room adjacent to the room where you are playing the drums in will not even hear you play the drums. This means that this particular solution is perfect even for people who are living in apartments where the living space are rather cramped.

You have to remember that the drums and cymbals equipped with the drum pad silencers will still produce some noise. But, the noise levels will be drastically reduced.

This is just one of the ways on how you can practice playing the drums without upsetting your neighbor.

Another way to play the drums silently is by purchasing a video game called Guitar Hero World Tour. If you have PlayStation 3, you can purchase this video game along with the drum set that is used for this video game.

The virtual drums resemble the real thing very closely. And, it will really teach you how to play the drums. Through this game, you will be able to practice your dexterity and coordination. In fact, the drum set is so accurate that you will be able to practice playing the songs in the game in the real drum set without much difficulty.

These are some of the ways on how you can play the drums quietly. Through these methods, you will be able to avoid upsetting your neighbor with the racket you will make when practicing playing the drums and also prevent upsetting other members of your household who just wants to have a good night sleep.


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