Ever wondered what those incredibly tiny microphones that talk show hosts have pinned to their collars are called? They are known as lavalier microphones. The name lapel microphones also refer tothe lavalier microphones and they have the ability to serve quite a few purposes.


Despite their incredibly compact size, lavalier microphones are able to capture somebody’s voice while being unnoticed. They are an important component of television talk shows, interviews and come in handy when it is inconvenient to carry a large microphone around. Lavalier microphones come in two main, easily distinguishable forms: wired microphones and wireless ones. It is entirely up to the user to select a microphone best suited to the situation as different situations create different requirements. However, these two forms can be further divided in to a few categories depending on the way they pick up sound.


For instance there are lavalier microphones that employ the voice pickup method known as omnidirectional sound pick-up. This is one of the most popular lavaier microphones available. They are highly effective when it comes to situations where it is essential for the person wearing the microphone to turn their head as they speak. With lavaier microphones that employ omnidirectional sound pickup, there will be no rises and falls in the sound as the speakers continue their performance or discussion. These microphones are among the favored options by many who are employed in the entertainment industry due to their effective sound pickup method.

Another method of picking up in use by lavalier microphones is extremely effective when it comes to recording TV programs or dealing with extremely loud situations. The lavalier microphones that employ this method are known as cardioids microphones. These are especially effective when it comes to live sound stages and other situations where the speaker has to strain to be heard over the surrounding noise.


Whatever the sound pick up method, lapel microphones are used effectively in many situations. Increased voice clarity in live sound stages, places of worship and of course, when it comes to television and motion picture production are a few of the uses of these extremely effective microphones. In addition to sound quality, these microphones are also able to offer discretion by almost blending in to the clothing of the speaker. In situations when the appearance of the microphone may interfere with the quality of the appearance of the speaker, lavalier microphones are ideal to capture sound without marring the visual appeal. However, it is always necessary to be well aware of the sound pick up capability of the microphone before you purchase one and pin it to your collar. It is best to read reviews or to seek advice before making an investment on one of these microphones. On the other hand, they will always serve their purpose effectively.