Lapel microphones are extremely useful little gadgets when it comes to those situations where the use of a conventional microphone will be an obstruction. The lapel microphone got its name because it is positioned to the lapel of someone’s jacket. The idea is to get the lapel microphone close to the wearer’s mouth so that their voice can be captured and amplified without any obstructions.


Although they are quite small and often go unnoticed, a lapel microphone is also quite powerful and has the ability to pick up someone’s voice even when their surroundings are extremely noisy. There are several different forms of lapel microphones. There are wireless variations and wired variations of the lapel microphones. But apart from these two main variations, there are several other types of lapel microphones that are created for different situations.

When it comes to the selection of an appropriate lapel microphone for a particular purpose, you need to first pay attention to the surroundings. If you are in need of a lapel microphone, you may want to pay special attention to the method of sound pickup. For instance, some of these microphones employ omnidirectional sound pickup. This means that the microphone will pick up sound from the speaker or performer regardless of their movement. These come in handy whenever the recording situation demands active participation for the speaker. The lapel microphone will perform its task by picking up sound without any rises or falls as the speaker turns his head during their performance. For the entertainment industry, omnidirectional lapel microphones are of immense use.


In stage shows, TV recordings or other extremely loud situations, a lapel microphone needs to be able to amplify a speaker’s voice over the background noise. This is where cardioids microphones come in to use. These are a type of lapel microphones that provide the speaker an opportunity to be heard over even the loudest noises without straining their voices.


A lapel microphone is always a great gadget that comes in handy in many different situations. Whether it is an outdoor recording, a concert recording or hosting a TV show from inside a sound stage, a lapel microphone with the right sound pickup method can provide a great deal of support to make the performance successful. In addition to that, a lapel, or lavalier microphone is extremely useful in situations where the use of a regular microphone is a functional and visual obstruction to a performance.


If you are seeking for a microphone with a specific purpose in mind, make sure to do some thorough research to figure out a product that provides the ideal sound pickup method as well as being affordable. Reading reviews would be a good way to compare different brands and different features before you make the purchase.