Conference microphones are sometimes referred to as push to talk microphones. There are many varieties of microphones in the market. Hand held microphones, table microphones, and lapel microphones are to name a few. But compared to these other microphones in the market, conference microphones are relatively different in the way they function. The conference microphones is quite simple in its design, there is a there is a button on the front panel of the microphone, which you press to talk and there is also an inbuilt loudspeaker included in it. It is specifically designed to be mounted on a flat surface such as a table, desk or a podium.


As the name suggests, conference microphones are typically used at conferences and large gatherings where many people need to use microphones in order to express their opinions clearly and concisely. Conference microphones are especially built to cater to large gatherings. The main and most important aspect of the conference microphones is the ability to introduce an unlimited amount of conference microphones in to the system. When compared to the other types of conventional microphones which create static noise when three or more microphones are introduced to the system, the conference microphone is virtually uninterrupted. The problem of static noise created by the use of a lot of microphones is completely eliminated by employing the purpose built conference microphone instead of traditional microphones. Thanks to the conference microphone your delegates can have their say without any electronic interference.


Another great advantage of utilizing conference microphones is that it completely eliminates the need for a third person, the microphone operator. The conference microphone is not only technologically superior; it is also extremely user friendly. The user of the conference microphone can easily turn it on or off at his or her convenience. Another great feature of the conference microphone is that, a command conference microphone can over-ride all other microphones participating in your conference or gathering. For example, if the delegates at the conference are getting unmanageable, the chairman or the conductor of the conference can easily mute all other conference microphones with just a flick of a switch. This temporary muting of microphones will help subdue your participants and bring the conference or meeting back to order. Once things settle down, the chairman can resume the proceedings by un-muting the participating conference microphones back again with the flick of the same switch.


The beauty of the conference microphone is that it is very versatile. Your meeting could be in a board room with a couple of main decision makers with the rest of the participants being audiences or it could be a large conference with hundreds of delegates wanting to make their voice heard, your best option for an uninterrupted worry free event is a conference microphone.