Many people are interested in knowing how they can learn to play the guitar. First you must be dedicated to learning about the instrument before learning how to play it. Many times a person tends to be interested only during the first few days of lessons because the guitar can be harder to learn and play than perceived

A person must have time to spend for his guitar lessons and realize that by practicing and learning the basic techniques slowly so he will know the process needed to play it and be good at it. Here are some tips for beginners on how to play the guitar:

1. A person must learn how to hold the guitar properly and correctly. A person is recognized as a guitar player based on how he holds the guitar. He must remember that when sitting the position must always be comfortable with his position and to sit leaning forward.

2. If the person is sitting on a chair, he must rest the body of the guitar on one of his legs where it is comfortable and easier to play. If the person is right-handed, it means that his right leg will be the one supporting the guitar, while those left-handed persons will rest the body on their left legs.

3. A person should focus in his fretting hand so he must place his hand where he has the nearest reach to the neck of the guitar especially when he is sitting. Remember to place the thumb of the fretting hand at the back of the neck of the guitar. The fingers should be in a curled position where they are placed above the strings of the guitar.

4. He should do different kinds of picking exercises to improve his picking ability. Do not worry about how fast you play as a beginner, what is important is to play smoothly and slowly and execute the correct notes with clarity and precision.

Playing the guitar can provide much fun for a person. Guitar playing can be easy as long as interest and dedication are maintained. A person can play the guitar easily and in many ways but is important that he is comfortable and enjoys what he is doing.

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