A drum machine is an electronic instrument that is used in mainly electronic genres of music to replicate the sounds of drums. However, drum machines or not limited to only electronic music. They are frequently used when live drummers are not playing. Drum machines can be classified as either sequencers or synthesizers. Sequencers simply playback recorded sample of drum beats whereas synthesizers actually create unique drum beats. These can be used as a replacement for a drum. They also enable a musician to create sounds unique to the drum machine. Drum machines take electronic drums a step further from traditional drums.


Drum machines can be expensive though. As a result, many people opt for used drum machines. Used drum machines are sold online and stores that sell used music equipment. If you are a beginner wanting to experiment with a drum machine, it is a good idea to invest in a used drum machine before buying an expensive state of the art drum machine straight away. Beginners tend to know how to differentiate the good drum machines form the bad on paper. However, each drum machine will have its own unique method of producing beats which can appeal to different tastes of music. Only firsthand experience with drum machines can give you this feel for the drum beats produced by a drum machine. Used drum machines are ideal for experimenting, since they may already contain recorded beats from the previous owner which you can, as a beginner, modify or compare with you own beats.


While there are many good offers for used drum machines in online stores, it is recommended for a new buyer to purchase a used drum machine from a store. A person at the store is always able to offer advice when it comes to the type of drum machine you are looking for in addition to the condition of the used drum machine you are interested in. When purchasing online, there is always the risk of unpleasant surprises with used drum machines or any used goods for that matter.


Even though you may be looking for a cheap used drum machine to fit into your budget, it is advisable to purchase a machine from a familiar manufacturer. Unknown brands of used drum machines may not last long in addition to not producing quality drum beats. Akai, Casio and Roland are some popular brands for drum machines. Even among these, you will need to make sure that you purchase the right model. If you are looking to make your own drum beats, then you are going to want to look for synthesizer used drum machines, whereas if it is just ordinary drum beat playbacks that you need sequencer used drum machines will do the job just fine.


Roland drum machine is an ideal piece of drum if you are looking for more than just a few drum beats. The MC 307 Roland drum machine has some great sounds and can be purchased from many online sites such as EBay or Amazon.


The MC303 Roland drum machine has created its own history by being the first groove boxes to be introduced to the industry. The MC303 Roland drum machine can perform functions ranging from techno, dance, jingle, drum and bass. It also offers comprehensive sounds such as classics to classic retro sounds. TR808 and TR 909 Roland drum machines are specialized for both classics and retro classics sound.


The TB 303 Roland drum machine is specialized for bass sounds. Although most of these Roland drum machines are expensive, they are worth the investment. There are many second hand shops which offer these Roland machine half the price of a brand spanking new Roland drum machine or you could even for it online.


The series of TR303 and TR 808 Roland drum machine are considered to the vintage collection. The specialty of these kinds of Roland drum machine is that they are a sequencer arranger which contains 8 tracks of recordings. It also comes with an inbuilt FX e.g. chorus, flange, reverb and delay. Apart from that these Roland drum machines have real time functions which make it fun to play. Plus these types of Roland drum machine come with a filter cut off, resonance, stereo and many more.


The newer versions of Roland drum machine are MC 505 and JX 305. However these Roland drum machine did not match the quality of other such as JV 1080. The MC 303 Roland drum machine does not have ample bit storage when compared to the other types of Roland drum machine.


However Roland drum machine have come a long way if one were to closely associate with them. TR 808 Roland drum machine was the first of its kind of programmable drum machine to be created. This Roland drum machine was first introduced in 1980 as an instrument where musicians can create demos.


The R70 Roland drum machine is often an underrated machine which is of excellent quality but did not meet musician’s expectations due to its incomplete presentation. However the sequencer for this Roland drum machine beats off the rest. It has provides a smooth editing touch which is not often found in any other machines.


The above mentioned are few types of Roland drum machines available in the industry. You can purchase a second hand Roland drum machine off from online sites or from the local stores if you wish to save some money. The Roland drum machine is worth the investment and creates a true identity for a musician.