If you are going to purchase DJ equipments, you need to remember that brands are everything. As a DJ, you only want the best quality equipments in order for you to provide great quality sound from the music you play.

So, just what are the popular brands that you should consider buying?

For starters, the popular brands include, American DJ Supply, Denon, Numark, Odyssey, M-Audio, Pioneer, Gemini, Chauvet, and Stanton. These are the brands that you should look for in DJ equipments. Not only that this will guarantee durability, but these brands will also ensure high quality performance, which is essential for DJs.

Numark is one of the most popular equipment brands that DJs use. Numark manufactures a wide range of mixers, DJ CD players, and turntables. One of Numark’s latest products is the DJ DVD Mixing Console. Known to be one of the pioneers of computer DJing with its first mixing software called Cue, Numark can provide you with the best sound qualities in DJ equipments.

The PT01 is one of the most popular products manufactured by Numark. This is a belt-driven turntable that has a built in cartridge and removal stylus. Other products that Numark manufactures, which are also very popular among a lot of DJs are the iDJ mixer, Dimension 4 amplifiers and the Numark Total Control software.

If you are going for American DJ Supply, then you need to remember that this manufacturer is known for its lighting products. It produces one of the best lasers, lamps, oscillators, fog or haze machines, centerpieces, LEDs and many other lighting systems that are essential in parties. If you are looking for lighting products, American DJ Supply can provide you with the best quality lighting equipments.

Another popular brand is Pioneer. Known for its high quality DVD Video and CD decks that are capable of playing MP3s, you will find that Pioneer can provide you with maximum sound quality. For tabletop players, you can consider buying Pioneer’s DVJ-1000. This particular player will allow you to play MP3 files and it also offers preview monitor, which displays a lot of information. This means that it will eliminate the need to switch display modes. Pioneer is also one of the leading producers of speakers.

If you prefer Denon, then you will want the DN-HS5500CD. This is one of Denon’s latest products and it offers direct drive multimedia player and controller. It also has 2 decks and it has a DC drive unit and USB interface. Known for producing compact components, you will be able to use Denon’s products when you need to DJ on one time events and parties.

If you are looking for high quality mixers, turntables, and console cases along with a wide range of accessories for DJing, Odyssey is the brand that you should go for.

These are just some of the popular DJ equipment brands that you should go for. If you are serious about your DJ career and you want to make it to the big leagues and start playing for big clubs and big events, you should never consider anything less. Always go for brands that offer high quality performance.


Are you practicing to become a good DJ? If you are, then you should keep in mind that there are several factors that can help you become a good and successful DJ and also some that can make you a terrible one.

If you really want to become a good DJ, then you need to remember that it is very important to avoid the common mistakes that beginner DJs do. If you want to become successful in your DJ career, here are some of the mistakes that you should avoid when you perform as a DJ.

For starters, you should never ignore your own musical tastes. If you want to please the crowd you are performing for, then it is important for you to become comfortable with the music you play. This means that you should be able to play the music you listen to without thinking about what the people will think about it.

Try to pay attention to the music you like and get your juices flowing. If you don’t, this will eventually get your desire to become a DJ in to a boring task. And, you have to remember that the DJ should be the life of the party. If you get bored, then the crowd will be able to hear it on the music you play and eventually become bored themselves. As a DJ, you don’t want this to happen unless you want an empty dance floor in front of the DJs booth.

Another factor that you need to remember when you are working as a DJ is that you should never think of the kind of music that people like to dance to. A good example would be playing something that you yourself wouldn’t want to dance to. Now, if the music you are trying to play doesn’t want to make you move, then why would anyone else want to dance to this music?

When it comes to equipments, a lot of beginner DJs chooses cheap equipments. Always go for quality equipments. This is just as important to the music you are playing. And, you need to consider the fact that cheap equipments will not be able to deliver the sound of the music you want.

Another mistake of rookie DJs is that they don’t pay attention to the headphones. If you want to become a good DJ, choose a good pair of headsets and not those cheap varieties that you usually find in discount electronics. The headphones will let you hear your mix better and with poor quality headphones, you will end up not hearing your mix at all, which can eventually affect the output of the music you play on the speakers.

When it comes to mixers, never invest in cheap mixers. Go for high quality mixers. It may be a bit more expensive but it will be well worth the investment. Unless you are only planning to mix music at home, you should always go for high quality mixers.

Another thing that you need to remember about becoming a DJ is that you need to practice a lot. Most beginners don’t really practice because they think that becoming a DJ is very easy to do. But it’s really hard work. You need to be updated with the latest music and trend.

These are the things that you have to remember about becoming a DJ. By avoiding the common mistakes that rookie DJs make, you will be able to become a great DJ that will be able to keep the party going.