The classical guitar sometimes called the "Spanish Guitar" is a type of acoustic guitar. Traditional models contain six nylon strings, which distinguish them from other acoustic guitars, which have steel strings. Classical guitars originated in Spain during the 15th century. The classical guitar has been popular throughout the Baroque, Romantic and Renaissance periods. Classical guitars preserved from early times have been highly sought after by enthusiasts and collectors who fervently collect these vintage classical guitars. With a rich history spanning centuries vintage classical guitars have become increasingly valuable. Ramirez, Gibson, Martin, and Alvarez are some recognized brands of vintage classical guitars, although not all guitars have a brand name attached to them.


Vintage classical guitars consist of a body, neck and a headstock. Typically, the top or face of the guitar is made of spruce wood while the sides are made of other woods such as maple and rosewood. Some special models are made of rare woods such as Brazilian rosewood and are highly valued. The face of the guitar contains a sound-hole, which acts as a resonator. The fret board is attached to the neck of the guitar, and the headstock, which connects the strings to the tuners, is located on the top of the neck. The six strings are made of nylon. The three high strings (treble strings) are made entirely of nylon while the three lower strings (bass strings) consist of nylon wound with metal. The lower tension of the nylon strings means that the guitar neck can be made entirely of wood. Furthermore, the strings can vibrate more and produce a higher quality sound. Although many vintage classical guitars contain six strings, extended range models contain between 8 and 13 strings. These guitars are used for playing lute music. The strings are plucked by hand and not by a pick. Classical guitars are typically used for playing classical music since their tone is different from that of acoustic guitars.


Vintage classical guitars belong to a niche market and it is prudent to research and locate the dealer that offers the best selection. Some collectors also sell vintage classical guitars. These are usually brand new or in mint condition and many are limited edition guitars. Classical guitars used by world-renowned guitarists are highly sought after, and fetch high prices on the market. Almost all recognized guitar dealerships sell vintage classical guitars, but as with any other instrument, their value increases with age. Additionally specialized retailers may sell models made of select woods. The sound of these guitars generally improves with age. Vintage classical guitar prices may range from $300 to over $10000. Therefore, the possession of these guitars is a privilege afforded to only a few. Even though vintage classical guitars are designed for a classical repertoire, their popularity and demand has only increased over the years.


Takamine classical guitar is perhaps the most well renowned brand of guitar in the market; their classical guitars come in a myriad of styles and capacities to suit their clients. With famous patrons such as Jon Bon Jovi, Garth Brooks, Bruce Springsteen, Avril Lavigne, and Linkin Park, Takamine are at the top of their game in the guitar market., Takamine Co. Ltd is a Japanese based guitar company; they are based in Nakatsugawa, Gifu, Japan, the company was established in May 1962, the US distributors for the Takamine guitars are Kaman.


The Hirade series contains the takamine classical guitar range, they are the best the market can offer , and its refined sophistication compliments the genre of music it produces. The takamine classical guitar is based from all the finest lumber from mahogany, cedar wood, rosewood and ebony. The designs of the takamine classical guitar are equally exquisite with tri color mosaic wood which encircles the sound hole, the turning heads are also finely inlaid with pearl and gold.takamine classical guitar is a guitar that is easy to hold and use thus ideal even for the novice, the fine craftsmanship that goes in to each guitar is a testimony to its popularity amongst A list stars.


The sounds of the takamine classical guitar is magical; from warm and mellow to mellifluous the guitar will enhance the quality of the music it emanates and will complement your talent to perfection, either acoustically or amplified the takamine classical guitar will propel you in to heights of musical ecstasy the way only a Takamine guitar can.


A few of the best picks of the takamine classical guitar is the Takamine TH90 Hirade Classic guitar. This guitar features a firm Spruce top with the back and sides made from Rosewood with a classy finish and a rich full bodied tone. The TH90 is comprised with 20 frets in the first as well as the second string, it is further equipped with an ebony fingerboard. Some of the other features this model boasts are an oval sound hole, gold classical tuners and many more, a purchase is complemented with a GC1518 hard shell case. The TH 5C takamine classical guitar is made of a solid Cedar top along with the back and sides comprised of Rosewood .The finger board is also made of pure Rose wood with features such as gold classical tuners with CTP-1 Cool Tube, a pre ramp and many more excellent features. A beautiful GC1518 hard shell case is complements this purchase.


There are many other great selections of takamine classical guitar available on the official Takamine website from the tyro to the maestro the takamine classical guitar is the best investment one can make.