Are you a music lover looking to join a band? Or perhaps you just enjoy playing an instrument in front of friends and family. Whatever the reasons for your passion for music may be, you would know that buying a musical instrument often takes careful consideration and will also require you to save up for quite a while. Be it a piano, a set of drums or a guitar, it's always best to own the one you enjoy playing so that you could use it whenever you wish to. If you are a guitarist and are hoping to buy yourself a nice new guitar, or exchange the one you have for another, we will help you get the perfect guitar.


With numerous music stores around, simply walking into one if these stores would give you a good idea of what is available on the market today and how they are priced. You would also find that several well-known brands come up with new guitars with better features , every few years, in order to ensure that your passion for music meets with current trends and technological and mechanical advancements. With such a wide range of guitars available for you to choose from, it only makes it harder for you to choose the right one. It is for this reason, in order to narrow down your search, that you should know exactly what kind of guitar you are looking for such as whether you want an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar and so on.


One example of a good guitar is the Yamaha classical guitar. The Yamaha classical guitar comes in different models, and it's safe to say that it has evolved to a great extent over the years. The prices of a Yamaha classical guitar vary greatly, and if you are lucky, you may even be able to find a good, used Yamaha classical guitar. They could be purchased not just from music stores but from various stores online, at competitive prices.


Remember that you should always have a clear idea of what you want to get. You should also ask friends who play the Yamaha classical guitar, for recommendations and even ask the people who work at the music store. Doing a bit of research online, as to the different types of Yamaha classical guitars available, will also ensure that you are better prepared to make the right choice. You should also try playing the guitar while at the store to see if there are any problems with it. If you've been playing for a while, you should be able to identify any problems easily. Reading up on reviews of the Yamaha classical guitar you like in music magazines and websites, will also help you.


Washburn guitars, one of the premier home grown guitar companies to emerge from the U.S, the company was founded in Chicago in the year 1888 by George Washburn. Washburn guitars have catered to many musicians from all types of genres from blues, rock and roll to country. A few of the famous names that have endorsed Washburn guitars is Paul Stanley from the rock band Kiss, Steve Nixon and George Lynch.


Washburn guitars offer plenty of choices and are available from electrics to acoustics to bases, all of which are at the top of their creation. A washburn classical guitar is a worthy investment for any aspirant or enthusiast. Washburn guitars since of late has been venturing in to the electric, hard rock and punk rock genre.


As with all Washburn products the washburn classical guitar promises quality for your money and enhance your skill, the washburn classical guitar range had been overshadowed with the endorsing of their electric guitar by the likes of Paul Stanley and many artists, however Washburn has a great array of classical guitars and few of the most tried and tested and recommended models are the C 80s Madrid Nylon Washburn classical guitar, it is user friendly, stylish and suave. The sound hole has an inlaid rosette and coupled with a bound fret board made of pure rose wood. The back and sides are also made of rose wood the top is made of solid spruce. Washburn C 80's classical guitar is perhaps the most trusted in the classical genre and this washburn classical guitar is a stylish and a high quality product that will complement your style and creativity. This washburn classical guitar is equipped with a solid cedar top, the back and the sides are made of pure rose wood, it also has a rose wood finger board, a headstock over lay and bridge, all of this is complemented with an exquisite Mahogany neck.


The 104SCE is another good choice in the washburn classical guitar range; this guitar has a classic cutaway with a solid cedar top with an inlaid ornate wood marquetry rosette, a rose wood finger board and bridge, with 19 frets and joined at 12th fret. The guitar has a classic and a much favored plated style with an open gear gold tuning machine. A complementary GC77 case accompanies the purchase, the Washburn store price is fixed at $559  but cheaper versions may be available online in other shops.


Washburn classical guitars are available on line and prices can range from over $500  up to $1000  and a second handed guitar can be purchased well under $500, the top stores to look out for are the official Washburn guitar on line store, Barnes and Noble. com,, and fullcompas .com.